Our mission at Brightwater is to provide the highest quality culinary education in the country at an affordable price. We’re setting the foundation for a more conscious culinarian who not only harnesses superior technical skills, but also has the ability to recognize and address complex food issues.

Cloves Of Garlic


Brightwater strives to provide top-notch culinary education to our students while ensure it’s as financially attainable as possible. By doing this, we reach as many students as possible, spanning numerous cultures and backgrounds with the hope of spreading our culinary education and applied food skills far beyond our kitchens and classrooms.

Brightwater is a Department of NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC). As an Arkansas state institution of higher education, NWACC is supported by the NWACC Foundation, a separate non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that serves as the philanthropic arm of the College. It is through the NWACC Foundation to which Brightwater can be supported and our mission can be continued.

As a non-profit institution, Brightwater cannot carry through our mission without the support from likeminded individuals and corporations. We gladly accept gift donations—big and small—from alumni, community members, corporations, and more. We hope you’ll join our cause and consider donating a gift today.

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