Tuition and Fees

An education is an important part when cultivating your future within the culinary or hospitality industry. Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food (a Department of NorthWest Arkansas Community College) offers affordable tuition along with scholarships and financial aid options that help make training for the industry you love attainable.

Tuition and FeesScholarships and Financial Aid
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Brightwater is proud to offer its students one of the most affordable Culinary, Baking, Artisanal, Butchery and Beverage Arts options in higher education.

To get more details regarding the tuition and fees for Brightwater programs click here. You will be taken to the NorthWest Arkansas Community College tuition and fees page where you can get all of the current rates for attending school.

For more information about tuition and fees or the financial aid application process contact us at 479-631-8600 to speak to a Student Advisor, or click the Learn More button below.

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At Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food, we are committed to offering an immersive, affordable culinary experience. To accomplish this goal, we offer a number of scholarships thanks to a number of generous individuals and organizations throughout our community.

Financial Aid

At Brightwater : A Center for the Study of Food, we have several resources available to students in need of financial assistance.

The Financial Aid Office administers the Title IV federal aid program that includes the Pell grant, Federal Direct Student Loan program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity grant, and the Federal Work-Study program.

To apply for Federal Financial aid, you must first complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid to determine your eligibility for Federal financial assistance.

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