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Future Chefs Camps

Come ready to learn, cook, eat and have fun! At Brightwater Future Chefs Food Camps, children ages 9-17 will learn new techniques, try new foods and make new friends! 

Cost per camp is $450. Registering multiple children or signing up your child for multiple weeks? Bundle and save 10%! Email to get the promo code. 

Read further to learn more about the week-long day camps, schedule and registration process. 


Culinary Camps

In Future Chefs culinary week-long day camps, children will learn basic cooking and baking techniques and make their own lunch and snacks.

At the week’s end, they will have the opportunity to show off their new skills for their parents at the parent party! They will come away with a collection of tasty recipes focused on using local, healthy ingredients. Other weekly camp activities will include spending time in the Brightwater garden and taking field trips around 8th Street Market.


Sweet & Savory Safari Around the Globe | June 10-14 | Ages 9-12


Join Chef Audra, culinary instructor for Bentonville Ignite, on a baking and culinary journey! You will have a fun filled hunt with delicious surprises. Future Chefs get to roll up their sleeves and explore the wonders of the kitchen. From mixing and measuring to slicing and dicing, campers will have the opportunity to learn techniques for sweet and savory baking and cooking from around the globe. Each day of this culinary journey is dedicated to a different region of the world, offering a delightful array of dishes from U.S.A, Mexico, Italy, France and Asia.


Flavors of the World: Sweet & Savory Culinary Adventure | June 17-21 | Ages 13-17


Embark on a thrilling worldwide culinary voyage with Bentonville Ignite culinary instructor, Chef Audra. Campers will participate in interactive, hands-on culinary activities such as kneading, baking, chopping, and savoring as they explore a variety of flavors and delightful culinary creations including mini apple pies, guacamole, strawberry tiramisu, ham and cheddar quiche, empanadas, Japanese cinnamon rolls and many other scrumptious treats. Join us on a baking and culinary adventure where there's a whole world of culinary wonders waiting to be explored!


Tour of Italy | June 24-28 | Ages 9-12


Travel across Italy with Chef Ray as your guide. We will make traditional dishes from across the country including fresh pasta, ravioli, lasagna, bolognese, tomato sauces, focaccia bread, and the camp-favorite Pizza Day! We will dig into growing our own fresh ingredients like basil and tomatoes as we make fresh caprese salads. Lots of fun including a bread toss game and exciting end-of-course Trivia Championship!


Chef Legends: A Culinary Camp Experience | July 8-12 | Ages 9-12


Chef Michael welcomes you to Chef Legends: A Culinary Camp Experience, where food is not just something you eat, but a journey of discovery and learning. Throughout this week, campers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse flavors, techniques, and stories that define global cuisine. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to innovative creations pushing the boundaries of taste, you'll explore it all.


Pop Up Restaurant | July 15-19 | Ages 13-17


Prepare for an exciting gastronomic adventure as young chefs immerse themselves in the world of culinary creativity designing, planning, and bringing to life their very own Pop-Up dining experience! Throughout this dynamic week, budding gastronomes will learn and sharpen essential kitchen skills, explore diverse cuisines, and experiment with innovative recipes under the guidance of Chef Michael. From crafting mouthwatering menus to mastering presentation techniques, this immersive culinary adventure promises to ignite their passion for cooking while fostering teamwork and culinary confidence. Join us for a week filled with delicious discoveries and unforgettable culinary delights!


Tour of Asia | July 22-26 | Ages 9-12


Travel across the vast region of Asia with Chef Ray as your guide. You will learn to cook countless tasty regional treats including spring rolls, fried rice, dumplings, sushi, stir fries, ramen, rice bowls (e.g. Bibimbap), egg rolls, and noodle dishes! We will practice our chopstick skills in a camp-favorite game and test our food vocabulary knowledge with an exciting trivia contest!



Baking Camps

In Future Chefs baking week-long day camps, kids will explore the art of baking and learn kitchen basics and techniques required to make sweet and savory breads, pastries and other baked goods.

Kids will also make their own lunch and snacks throughout the week. At the week’s end, they will have the opportunity to show off their new skills for their parents at the Parent Party! They will come away with a collection of tasty recipes focused on using local, healthy ingredients. Other weekly camp activities will include spending time in the Brightwater garden and taking field trips around 8th Street Market.


Loafin' Around: Artisan Bread Making | July 8-12 | Ages 13-17


Discover the wonderful world of artisan bread making with Chef Julie in this hands-on course designed just for you. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some baking experience, this course will take you on a journey to master the art of crafting delicious, homemade bread from scratch.


Future Chefs campers will learn the fundamental techniques of artisan bread making, including mixing, kneading, shaping, proofing, and baking. From classic loaves to specialty breads, such as bagels and sourdough, you'll explore a variety of recipes that will impress your friends and family.


But it's not just about baking bread; it's about understanding the science and art behind it. You'll delve into the role of ingredients, fermentation, and how to troubleshoot common challenges that arise during the bread-making process.    


The Sprinkle Squad | July 15-19 | Ages 9-12


Welcome to the Sprinkle Squad food camp, where young bakers embark on a delicious journey of culinary creativity! In this exciting week, campers will roll up their sleeves and dive into a variety of scrumptious treats, including cereal bars, confetti cookie pizza, monster cupcakes, brownies, and even a fabulous fake-out cake!


But it's not just about baking—it's about learning essential kitchen skills too! From mastering piping techniques to perfecting the art of icing a cake, campers will develop their frosting consistency, explore various decoration techniques, and discover the proper way to measure ingredients. With hands-on experience using basic baking equipment, they'll gain confidence in the kitchen while unleashing their inner pastry chef. Join us for a week filled with fun, laughter, and mouthwatering creations where every bake brings joy and every bite is a delightful adventure!


On Your Mark, Get Set, BAKE! | July 22-26 | Ages 13-17


Get ready to whisk, knead, and bake your way through the ultimate baking experience inspired by the beloved Great British Baking Show! In this thrilling course, aspiring young bakers will embark on a delicious journey, mastering the art of creating show-stopping cakes, scrumptious pastries, and delectable desserts that would impress even Paul Hollywood himself.


You'll learn essential techniques, tips, and tricks to elevate your baking game to Star Baker status and along the way, you'll also discover the rich history and cultural significance behind iconic British bakes, uncovering the stories and traditions that make them so special.