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Julie Wahl

Adjunct Chef Instructor

Brightwater Adjunct Chef Instructor Julie Wahl is originally from Ohio and lived in California before moving to Arkansas ten years ago. She considers herself a culinary explorer.

“I love to travel the world through food, recipes and ingredients,” Julie says. “I enjoy learning about the history and cultural significance of international cuisines and discovering new flavor profiles.”

Julie draws inspiration from cooks and bakers who are as passionate about their craft as she is, and she strives to ignite that same passion in her students.

“The best days are when I get to see the look of pride and elation on my students' faces when they pull a tray of beautiful croissants from the oven, or when they make their first heavenly loaf of sourdough bread,” Julie says.

Julie’s professional experience includes working at Doughp Goods in Rogers, Ark., King Arthur Flour Bakery in Norwich, Vt. and Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville, Ark. She joined Brightwater in 2020.

In her free time, Julie enjoys traveling and visiting international food markets and bakeries. When she’s not traversing the globe, she can be found relaxing on her back porch.


  • Certificate in Essential Skills in Culinary Arts, Professional Culinary Institute
  • Majored in Cultural Anthropology, University of Toledo

  • Introduction to Baking
  • Artisan Breads

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