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Marshall Shafkowitz

Executive Director

Brightwater Executive Director Marshall Shafkowitz is originally from New York and credits his mother for opening his eyes to food exploration. He's traveled the world as a cook and chef, learning and exploring before settling in Chicago for 15 years. In 2019, he moved to Northwest Arkansas to join Brightwater at NWACC. 

He chose to work at NWACC because he believes that Brightwater does culinary school differently. As the executive director, he's enjoyed being able to do more than just talk about food systems, the craft and the business, but give students the opportunity to experience it in a practical manner.  

"Brightwater's vision to make the study and craft of food accessible to all - creatively, sustainably, and in the entrepreneurial sense - clearly defines who we are as a school. It all shows in how we interact with our students and the community," says Marshall.  

In his free time, Marshall enjoys rock climbing, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, hiking, woodworking and exploring nature with his family.  

  • BS in Culinary    
  • Master's in the Art of Teaching (MAT) 
  • Johnson & Wales University, The Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School 

  • ACF Chicago Culinary Educator of the Year 2016 
  • Articles in Money Magazine, Maxim Magazine, and other national media 

  • Careers Through Culinary Arts Programming (C-CAP) Chicago 
  • Chicago Public Schools - Culinary Cluster Board Member 
  • Pilot Light - Education Committee Member   

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