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Audra Weeks

Ignite Instructor for Bentonville Schools

Brightwater Ignite Instructor Audra Weeks is originally from Rogers, Ark., and grew up in a family who loves to cook and show their love for one another through food.   

Audra has instructed at high schools in Missouri, Nebraska and Arkansas and joined Brightwater in 2019. She assisted in the development of the culinary program at Bentonville West High School, and is the Ignite culinary instructor through the Bentonville school district. The Ignite program is designed to give high school students real-life experience in industries, such as culinary arts, that have increasing workforce needs. 

In regards to the Ignite program, Audra says, "The opportunity for high school students to earn college credit and develop an understanding about their career choices give them a huge boost to their future.  They are more prepared for the workforce, develop leadership skills, and gain connections to people in the industry."

Audra appreciates the opportunity to work with the Brightwater team, "Having a team of chefs around to collaborate with is fun and beneficial to me and my students. If there is anything we can dream up, we probably have a way to accomplish it at Brightwater."

In her free time, Audra enjoys gardening and interior design. 

  • BS in Education, University of Nebraska 

  • Foundations 
  • Stocks, Soups and Sauces 

  • National Board-Certified Teacher 
  • National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Educator of Excellence for Arkansas 

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