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Lobby & Common Area

Brightwater's lobby and common area offer space and seating for students and instructors to gather, grab a bite to eat, discuss their passions and share their culinary creations. The common area also contains two lecture spaces.

With the common area's glass walls, visitors are able to view and observe classes or demonstrations. A moving wall divider opens the common area, expanding the seating and entertainment area. This makes a perfect setting for medium sized gatherings. The common area also holds a stage, sound system and adjustable lighting.

As students walk through the common area, plates can be seen hanging from the ceiling. The 750 plate-ceiling was created by Hufft Projects, the architect for the Brightwater building, and generously donated by Lifetime Brands. Plates were selected as a medium for the large-scale ceiling installation because they represent a blank canvas used by a chef to display her technical skills and creative artistry. Plates are also a functional object, an everyday way in which one connects with food.

Common Area

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